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We became best friends in Elementary School.
We fell in love in High School.
We were soulmates with a future planned and nothing could tear us apart.
Sounds perfect, right?

Not every love story ends with “Happily Ever After”

I hate the boy who broke my heart and left me to raise our daughter on my own. I also can’t stop loving him. When I return to my hometown for the first time in over 17 years, I learn that I have not only spent all those years believing a lie but so had he. We are not the same people we used to be. That boy that I tried to hate for so long is now a man and he is promising me a future… again.

Is it possible to put the past behind us after so many years of pain? Can we start another love story that never really ended? Or is it better for both of us to finally let go for good and close that chapter in our lives forever?