Sunset after the Storm



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Mason is compelled to check on the woman he sees crying and alone on the beach. He doesn’t realize this simple act of humanity will change his life. Mason has never loved before, yet he falls hard and wants to be with this woman forever, even after finding out their love is short-lived.
Scotti has never had anyone love her, until Mason. He comes into her life the same day she finds out she only has months to live. She too has fallen in love and she struggles to let him in, knowing she will end up leaving him all alone.
Their love is tested with her disease and they struggle to find happiness and peace with the inevitable. Will their relationship prevail? Or will Scotti’s illness tear them apart before they can enjoy what little time she has left?


Room 208- Available on Amazon!





Fall in love…

Get married…

Have babies…

Everything is perfect… until it’s not.

You wake up one day, questioning everything that you knew was true. Your cloud bursts and all seems to be spinning out of control. How did we get here? What do we do? Where do we go from here?

We know we love each other, we know we still want to be together but we want more with each other… in life AND in the bedroom.

For us, when all seemed to be hopeless, Room 208 became therapy of the mind… and between the sheets!




 A Leap into Destiny- Available Now!




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Alli is a young single mom trying to raise her daughter on her own after the father left her they day she gave birth.
Jason is a young single father unable to move on after tragically losing his wife just minutes after she gave birth to their son.
After a fateful meeting at the park, Alli and Jason become instantly attracted to each other but neither is ready to begin a romantic relationship, so they become the best of friends. Throughout time, Alli realizes there truly are good men out there and Jason realizes that everything really does happen for a reason, no matter how traumatic.
Just as Alli and Jason are starting to move beyond friendship, the father of Alli’s daughter appears, threatening everyone in her life. As the threat becomes stronger, they must find a way to stop it before Alli not only loses her life, but Jason loses another woman that he loves.